Fuel Oil Low NOx Burner suppliers

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Fuel Oil Low NOx Burner suppliers

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Diesel oil low NOx burner is an industrial burner using low NOx technology, its main fuel is diesel oil. Low NOx burner, by adjusting the combustion air and combustion head, can obtain the best combustion parameters.
Technical and performance characteristics:
●Single stage fire, two stage fire, two stage fire progressive/proportional adjustment
●Can adapt to any type of combustion chamber.
●Air and fuel gas are mixed at the combustion head.
●The best combustion parameters can be obtained by adjusting the combustion air and combustion head.
●No need to remove the burner from the boiler, you can directly take off the mixing device, so as to facilitate maintenance.
●The use of servo motor for the first and second stage of air flow regulation, and when the burner stops running, the damper is closed to reduce heat loss in the furnace.
●A sealing control device valve can be added to the valve group.
●A flange and an insulating sealing ring are used to connect and fix the boiler; Equipped with a 4-hole and 7-hole coupler.
●The length of the blast pipe is optional.
Patent,certificate & qualifications of the diesel oil low NOx burner
After-sales service during warranty period:
1.Turn-Key Solutions, including design, development, production.
2.Dispatch experts to carry out service on site:
A.Installation and debug of the machinery;
B.Train the first-line operators and technologies;
C.Carry out any other service client may need
3. Assist you to prepare for the first construction scheme;
4.Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly at site;
5.Spare parts offer;
6.Provide technical exchanging;
Warranty period for the diesel oil low NOx burner: 18months from date of shipment indicated in B/L.Fuel Oil Low NOx Burner suppliers
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