China Prepainted Cold Rolled Steel Coils

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China Prepainted Cold Rolled Steel Coils

پستتوسط astao17 » جمعه 10 خرداد 1398, 12:05 pm

Product Name:Color coated Steel Coil iron sheet metal
Product Description:
Pre-painted steel is a new type of product with a steel coating which has experienced rapid development around the world in nearly three decades. It is produced through chemical pretreatment, primary coating and other processes on a high-speed continuous machine unit in a refined manner. Its coating quality is more uniform, stable and ideal that that of spraying or painting on a single piece of finished metal.
Pre-painted steel plate is characterized by exceptional decoration, formability and resistance to corrosion. Strong adhesion ability of coating and other features enable the color to keep novel for a long time. Currently, color painting has become an ideal material for manufacturing building materials owing to its sound economic returns, including replacement of wood with steel, efficient construction, energy conservation and pollution prevention.
Our advantage:
1.We have our own factory,the price is competitive.
2.The first-class production line.
3.Timely reply.
4.Quickly delivery.
Basic information:
1. Thickness: 0.12mm-1.2mm
2. Width: 600mm-1250mm
3. Grade:DX51-53D,SGCC,ASTMA653
4. Top paint: 15 to 25 um (5 um + 12-20 um)
Back paint: 7 +/- 2 um
5. Gloss: Normal or High gloss
6. Zinc coating: Z20-Z40G/psm
7. Inside Diameter: 508mm/610mm
8. Payment: T/T, L/C
9. Trade Term: FOB, CFR, CIF
10. MOQ: 25 Mt
11. Package: Export standard package
12. Shipment: By container
13. Standard: AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS
14. Grade: JIS G3322, CGLCC, ASTM A755, China Prepainted Cold Rolled Steel Coils
پست ها : 10
تاريخ عضويت: جمعه 10 خرداد 1398, 12:02 pm

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