geomembrane liner factory

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geomembrane liner factory

پستتوسط astao17 » جمعه 10 خرداد 1398, 12:04 pm

Geomembrane is a black, smooth, high quality, high density polyethylene liner produced from specialty formulated, virgin polyethylene resin. It contains approximately 97.5% polyethylene and 2.5% carbon black. It has outstanding chemical resistance, mechanical properties, environmental stress crack resistance, dimension stability.
• Thickness: 0.20mm - 3.0mm.
• Width: Within 8 m (1m-8m)
• Length: 50m-100m/roll (as request)
• Material: HDPE,( LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, EVA )
• Color: Black , white , red , blue , or as required
• Optional surface: Textued(one or two side) or smooth surface
• Good physical and mechanic performance
• High tearing resistance, strong deformation adaptability
• Puncture-resisting, aging resisting, ultra-violet radiation, oil and salt, and corrosion resistance
• Good adaptability to high and low temperature, non-toxicity, long service life
• Good waterproof, drainage, anti-seepage and damp proof effects
• Complete width and thickness specifications, low cost and easy installation
• Environmental protection and sanitation like waste landfill, sewage treatment, industrial waste, etc
• Water conservancy such as anti-seepage, leakage blockage and reinforcement of river, etc
• Municipal projects such as underground project, subway, planting roof, etc
• Landscape garden such as artificial river, bottom lining, damp-proof, etc
• Mine industry such as bottom lining and anti-seepage
• Traffic facilities such as road foundation and anti-seepage of subway and culvert
• Agriculture such as anti-seepage of ditch, channel, reservoir, pool and irrigation systemgeomembrane liner factory
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