Automatic Coil Winding manufacturers

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Automatic Coil Winding manufacturers

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WDGFC-12 spindle shaded pole motor coil winding machine

Automatic winding machine,Wind 12coils one time,you also can install another 12 bobbin the same time. high production
Spindle No.12
Winding speed0-3200rpm
Winding wire diameter0.1-0.8mm(AWG38-20)
Winding coil diameter0-70mm(2.7inch)
Winding width0-100mm(3.9inch)
Winding machine advantages
1. The use of independent bearing design, toothed belt replacement quick and easy.
2. Power-off save winding data, effectively avoid scrap coil.
3. wind to bobbin end side, intelligent deceleration, can fast winding thick wire.
4. Machine can automatic measure out the start winding data and winding width.
5. Can set the spindle climb time, you can set the winding speed up and down when the machine winding.
6. Full-English touch screen display, the operation more convenient and quick.
7. Using 32-bit ARM control chip controller, faster computing speed, effectively reducing the cable error.
8. All optical input and output isolation, work stability.
9. The use of Japan imported bearings, belts, Taiwan imported inverter and screw to ensure stable performance.
10. Winding motor use Japan Panasonic servo motor, traverse motor also use Japan Panasonic servo motor and automatic turning devices are also used Japan Panasonic servo motor to ensure accurate positioning, stable performance, high efficiency.
Coil winding:
Suitable for small and medium sized transformers winding, relays winding, inductors winding, synchronous motors coil winding, shaded pole motors coil winding, solenoid valves coil winding and other coils with many turns coil winding .
Automatic Coil Winding manufacturers
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