China breathable laminated backsheet manufacturers

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China breathable laminated backsheet manufacturers

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Good quality Soft touch Corlorful printing Customized design Full laminated breathable nonwoven disposable diaper backsheet for producing baby adult diaper hygiene products
NameLamination Film
MaterialNonwoven, PE Film,Glue
WidthAs your request request
CD Stripping Resistance0.25N - 0.35 / 50mm
MD Stripping Resistance0.25N-0.35 / 50mm
CD Elongation at break≥100%
MD Elongation at break≥40%
CD Tension2.2N
MD Tension5N
Moisture permeability1800-3200um/pa.s
PH5.5 – 8.0
Disposable personal healthcare products such as baby diapers,adult diapers,sanitary napkins ect.
Disposable medical protection products such as surgical coat,cap,show cover ect.

Product Advantages:
1.Excellent water proof performance
2.Best physical function
3.Non-toxic, tasteless and harmless to human
4.Soft and silk hand feeling
5.Excellent pringting performance

Style, color, size, weight, materials and packing can be customized as your orders.
1.Q .What is the material for the non woven fabric and PE film ?
A . Grade A: 100% Polyethylene and 100% Polypropylene.
2. Q .What’s the width ?
A . our machine is 2.50 meters,the maximum width is 2.2 meters.
3.Q .What is the GSM ?
A .26-40g/m2 (common use for diaper and sanitary napkin)
4.Q .What about the delivery time ?
A.within 7-10 days after receiving the 30% deposit.
A .our price is absolutely competitive and we are offering an additional discount depending on your quantity.China breathable laminated backsheet manufacturers
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