wholesale Wire Inserts

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wholesale Wire Inserts

پستتوسط hdjkgf67 » چهارشنبه 26 دی 1397, 4:33 am

Thread Repair Insert
Welcome to buy newest and high quality thread repair inserts at best price with GSR-Threads Tools, which is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of thread repair inserts in China. Equipped with a productive factory and hundreds of experienced personnel, we also offer wholesale service.
*Product Name: Thread Inserts
*Material: 304 Stainless Steel
*Normal Version: 1.0d,1.5d,2.0d,2.5d
*Metric,Inch availablewholesale Wire Inserts
پست ها : 12
تاريخ عضويت: چهارشنبه 26 دی 1397, 4:29 am

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