Faction Change Limited Mechanic

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Faction Change Limited Mechanic

پستتوسط MichaelDick » چهارشنبه 12 اردیبهشت 1397, 4:06 pm


Make it long, arduous and exclusive as all heck. I personally am fine with that, and consider it the only way to go. Make it not available to everyone, and a selective process that shows accomplishment as well as provides the player potential value. In addition to the maximum number of transfers per account per time period, a scaling would be an additionally desirable implementation. What I mean is: Each character after the first would see a considerable increase in difficulty. What was already a hard challenge would become a masochist's sweetest dream as the number of attempts increased: A lore reason for such a mechanic being that an ever increasing pattern of changing loyalty would also instill distrust, and require ever further acts of commitment to be considered "worthy" of proving one's loyalty after an ever increasing number of changes. Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions. Criticism, praise, or modifications are welcome. This is my idea, as a player, individual, and penny pinching (but not entirely stingy) gamer who enjoys being on what I subjectively consider the right side of the lore, and enjoys having something to show for an act or accomplishment I deem worthy of having pursued.

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