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در این بخش وبسایت هایی را که توسط برنامه WYSIWYG Web Builder ساخته اید معرفی نمایید تا از ارائه نظرات کاربران بهره ببرید.
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wholesale air max 97 mens

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Mistakes to Avoid during Cloud App Deployment Technology Articles | February 15 Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping , 2013
Deploying mobile applications to the cloud is common among most enterprises today. Since cloud computing provides a large number of benefits, enterprises often overlook the hazards that the practice of cloud app deployment poses.

Deploying mobile applications to the cloud is common among most enterprises today. Since cloud computing provides a large number of benefits, enterprises often overlook the hazards that the practice of cloud app deployment poses. While the simple problems of mobile application performance, software security Wholesale Authentic Jerseys , and malfunctioning tools which are unable to monitor virtual frameworks are reported, other frequent mistakes often go unnoticed. Listed below are some such mistakes that enterprises need to avoid while deploying mobile apps to the cloud:

1. Lack of research and planning on which apps must be deployed to the cloud ? Most enterprises fail to choose in advance the software good enough to be deployed in the cloud. For instance, mobile applications that require big iron or run on UNIX clusters are not suitable for moving into the cloud. Since the structure of these types of apps is complex and the deployment technique requires rewriting their codes and completely re-architecting them, deploying them to the cloud is hazardous. Also Wholesale Jerseys Online , if enterprises choose to deploy apps in public as opposed to private clouds, all software that require high security should not be used.

2. Failure to select the correct cloud model ? The private and the public are two types of clouds that enterprises choose to deploy their apps in. While private clouds can be completely controlled by the IT team of an organization, the infrastructure of public clouds is determined only by the provider and not the enterprise. Therefore, public clouds are reported to have more security issues than private clouds Wholesale Jerseys Free Shippin , since the latter is on premises of the organization. The mistake that is frequently committed by enterprises is that they are often not aware of the costs involved in deploying apps in the cloud for both short term and long term periods. Also, the organizations fail to determine which apps will work most effectively in which type of cloud.

3. Enterprises tend to migrate servers to the cloud ? With the increasing popularity of the private cloud, an increasing number of organizations are gradually shifting to this model from the earlier data center model. The new model has several benefits like reduction in operating and capital expenditure and enhanced utilization of servers. Hence, while enterprises should concentrate on deployment of apps in the cloud Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , they shift focus to migration of servers instead. This is the first mistake in a series of several others that is triggered by migrating of servers.

4. Organizations do not plan ahead to accommodate changes in the performance of software after deployment in the cloud ? Enterprises tend to focus on aspects such as disk storage, CPU power, or memory space after completion of the process of app deployment in the cloud. Attention is not paid as to how an application will perform after being subjected to changes from the traditional data center to the private cloud. Physical tools that will successfully monitor servers are required for running a mobile application effectively in the new framework. Moreover, when apps are deployed in private cloud Wholesale Jerseys From China , physical memory and CPUs influence the working of the software after they start operating in the virtual environment.

The above are some of the most common mistakes that enterprises commit and must refrain from making when they want to deploy existing or new mobile applications to the cloud or during shifting from data centers to cloud computing.

Supplements That Help Control Blood Sugar Health Articles | September 7, 2015

Blood sugar levels are very strongly associated with cardiovascular health and therefore, getting these levels under control is highly beneficial for all of us. There are some supplements, minerals and vitamins that can have a powerful impact on helping you control the levels Wholesale Jerseys China , keeping your health and wellness in check. Following are a few supplements, in the form of some antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients that are helpful in controlling your levels:


Chromium is a mineral that activates insulin; a hormone that provides help to the body in burning blood sugars as opposed to storing them in the form of fat. This mineral is Wholesale Jerseys , therefore, helpful in vastly improving insulin as well as blood sugar levels. Chromium supplements are also help in lowering fasting blood sugar levels.

One product that is helpful in maintaining healthy blood sugars and levels of cholesterol is Plexus Slim. It contains chromium, which adds credibility to the fact that it actually does help. It is a diabetic-friendly product which is also a safe tool for weight loss.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This is an antioxidant that is helpful in promoting healthy insulin function by providing aid in burning glucose for energy. Alpha lipoic acid is also helpful in the reduction of fasting blood glucose. This antioxidant is also a great helping hand in maintaining the health and functionality of the peripheral nerves that are found in our hands and feet, which is quite a common concern for people who have issues of high blood sugar.


This nutrient is a rare natural plant alkaloid which is derived from certain herbs like goldenseal. It focuses on attacking blood sugar from various different directions which in turn helps insulin in performing its job better. Berberine ushers glucose to your cells and h. Wholesale Nike Shoes Online Wholesale Kids Air Jordan Wholesale Air Max 97 Wholesale Vapormax Wholesale Nike Shoes Free Shipping Cheap Nike Air Jordan Cheap Nike Shoes Free Shipping Cheap Air Max Wholesale Air Max Shoes Wholesale Air Max China
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